Monday, March 11, 2013

Allan Savory: How to Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change (TED video)

This is really worth watching and does make common sense. I hope the people with the power are listening.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What the Economic Crisis Really Means

Please watch this. It makes some very important points you need to give thought to. Things you may be more than aware of but not made a conscious link between.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Falling of the No Poo Wagon

Well I fell off the 'No Poo' Wagon. We had a persistent case of head lice amongst the Bumble Bee'rs and I had to treat the family once a week for eight weeks to FINALLY get rid of them! I know the products usually say to only treat those people who actually have head lice but I believe in a all out declaration of war against those horrible little blighters and biters so everyone gets treated.

I had to try three different treatments to find one that worked. The good news is I am not squeamish about head lice in the slightest.....well not any more. After combing out so many live, half-dead and doornailed marines I have overcome the skin crawling feeling they used to give me.

The lice treatment is oily stuff and my bi-carb and vinegar treatment was not shifting it so after a week of looking like I had washed my hair in a year I reverted to shampoo and conditioner.

Now four months on I am still using shampoo and conditioner but I am starting afresh tomorrow and going back to the bi-carb and vinegar hair wash. It really does work.

I did ask a panel of coffee morning ladies to sniff my head (and yes they all still speak to me) after I had been washing my hair the 'No Poo' way for a few weeks and only one of them said they could smell any hint of vinegar. One did say she thought my hair smelt a bit sweaty so I double washed it the next day just to be sure.

To be fair in the general course of the day people do not usually have their noses jammed into my flowing locks coping a good wif. In the general day to day of moving around in public I am not followed by a green cloud of stench al la Pepe Le Pew.

Once I became accustomed to the fact that my hair is clean even though the 'cleaning' products do not foam all was well.

Not only is it cheaper than shampoo and conditioner and is far more environmentally friendly but using these natural products cured my peeling head. After years of putting up with a dry scalp it was simply and effectively cured by moving away from the 'standard', 'normal' and recommended' hair care products.

I will post about this again in a few weeks to do a recap about my progress

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Earth is Full...

I have just finished a book by Paul Gilding (which I will review at a later date) called 'The Great Distruption'.

I have never felt as scared by a book before. This video links in with the ideas of that book; in fact I purchased the book after watching this clip.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Canvas bags all the way!

Guernsey has a very good and sensible policy on plastic bags. If you forget to take your own bag to the shops they will provide you with one for the handsome sum of five pence.

I try to be in the habit of unpacking my groceries and then taking the bags straight back out to the car so I always have some with me when I go to the shops.

Make sure you keep watching it past the initial 'bedroom' scene. Tim Minchin 'The Cure' for the plastic bag problem (am I showing my age with that joke?). Robert Smith watch out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coal World

Do they never stop and wonder where all that pollution will go? It saddens me to think that money wins out over intelligence in such a crucial issue as the future of our planet. Government and business behave as if we have a spare Earth tucked away somewhere that we can whip out when this planet is in its death throes.

Australia has such limited supplies of fresh water it seems absurd to be wasting it supporting more environmental terrorism. Australia is viewed as a large country with plenty of space, and while this is true in terms of its actual area, the habitable land is only a very, very small percentage of that. It is basically one big desert with a green rim.

The Great Barrier Reef is already suffering with the terrible destruction caused by the recent increase in the population of the Crown of Thorns sea-star (as we can't call the starfish any more), bleaching caused by the increases in sea temperature, not to mention all the agricultural chemicals washing out of the rivers into the ocean. If the government gives these mines the green light the reef will also have to contend with possible oil spills.

Native wildlife habitat and prime agricultural land will be destroyed all for the sake of more coal, more pollution, more money. Once this land has been poisoned it will be next to useless for both the wildlife and the farmers.

When will the Australian government realise that part of their mandate is to ensure there is a habitable home for the people of Australia to live in and will the people of Australia rise up and demand this before it is too late?