Saturday, April 30, 2011

Space Pokemon

For B1's 10th birthday he asked for a sleepover party and a Pokemon cake. I was hopeful that he would choose Pikachu as I was reasonably confident that I could alter B3's Pooh Bear cake design in a Pikachu fairly easily.

No such luck! B1 wanted a 'Legendary Pokemon' for his cake. Originally he choose a very spiky one and asked for the cake to be in the shape of his body - nightmare. He eventually settled on a Space Pokemon, Mew. This gave me a chance to use my edible glitter once more, as a sparkly cake suits a Space Pokemon.

This is what Mew looks like so my free-hand icing drawing turned out OK. The cake is chocolate and the cupcakes are vanilla (as B3 is allergic to cocoa). B1 had three friends to sleep and the last time Mr Bee or I went down it was 2.00am on the clock. They were up again at 5.00am so B1 was not a very happy chappy by 5.00pm that night but he did have a lovely time, even if Mr Bee and I declared NO sleepover parties again (he knows we will give in eventually).