Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011


The turkey with two stuffings was prepped and ready to go. 

A Christmas breakfast of snacks was in order (after the Bumble B'eers had eaten their chocolate coins and biscuits from Santa that is).

There has to be a bit of smoked salmon at Christmas.

The table was set; Mr Bee ironed the table cloth for me. It is his regular Christmas job :)

The branches on the table are real which was lovely as it smelt like Christmas. I love our fake tree but it does lack that special bit of Christmas pine-i-ness.

I opted for a silver table this year, keeping the traditional Christmas red to the lounge room.

Halfway through the frenzy of cooking.

I always try to be organised, it reduces stress. 

The all important cranberry sauce.

Ta da! The turkey is done. I have cooked a goose every year for Christmas since we moved to Guernsey and although the turkey was tasty I think I will swap back to goose next year - live and learn.

Merry Christmas, especially to all our family and friends in Australia.

We miss you and love you.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Tradition is Born

Mr Bee has been very concerned about there not being enough food on Christmas Day so he wanted me to cook a turkey and a roasted gammon. When I pointed out to him that the actual weight of our turkey was 6kgs he calmed down a little.

I offered to cook the gammon for Christmas Eve dinner to make it special as my Dad was here. I cooked a Honey and English Mustard Gammon with Cheesy Potato Bake, Honey and Cumin Carrots and Broccoli with Bacon.....Mr Bee announced that we will have a roast gammon every Christmas Eve from now on!

Christmas to love them :)

(The containers in the background are full of ham stock from boiling the gammon - waste not want not).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

St Peter Port Christmas Lights

Each year we take the children into St Peter Port on one of the three late night shopping nights (the only late night shopping for the entire year!) to see the Christmas Lights. This is the view up Mill Street.

Down near the Town Church.

For the full length of the High Street there are candles and stars at regular intervals. I didn't get to take a photo of Smith Street but it looks like a blue ceiling of bright twinkling stars have descended especially for Christmas.

My Dad is staying with us for Christmas so he came in as well. It was a lovely night.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Twelve Cocktails of Christmas

On the first cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Can I have one without the umbrella because it’s a bit gay!’ (No, here have one with a blue umbrella if it helps you feel more masculine.)

On the second cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘My second Pina Colada, is there much alcohol in these?’ No, just think of it as a health filled juice break


On the third cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘You said we would be having the weaker ones first and you could run a car on this Margarita.’ (To which I answered, ‘Suck it up or go home.’ So they did, suck it up, not go home)

On the fourth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘What is in a Long Island Iced Tea?’ (30mls of Vodka, 30mls of Tequila, 30mls of Bacardi, 15mls of Cointreau, 15mls of lemon juice, 15mls of sugar syrup, 30mls of coke, a cherry and orange slice on the side and ice as far as the eye can see!)


On the fifth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Gill we are ready for the next cocktail, oh good it’s a pink one, how many have I had now?’

On the sixth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Is there more food coming, I need to line my stomach?’


On the seventh cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘I threw up on your plants, I am really sorry.’

On the eighth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Why is the drunkest person here washing the dishes?’


On the ninth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘What else is there to try? B52s or White Russians but please don’t take your shirt off!’

On the tenth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Someone peed in the sink in the bathroom!’ (which was just a random drunken rumour as I found no evidence of this.)


On the eleventh cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Perhaps you should stop now or you will be driving the porcelain bus all night.’

On the twelfth cocktail of Christmas my true love said to me, ‘Here take some Nurofen Plus for the road and goodbye until early next year when we have all forgotten the horror the morning will bring and people start to ask for another cocktail party.’

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

T'was the Night Before Christmas

The Christmas foyer was a triumph this year!

You can't see in the photos but all the houses have lights on in the windows.

It was just beautiful and B1 and B2 were so proud of helping make it.

The staff at our little primary school go to so much trouble to make Christmas special for all the children.

You can see a silvery Santa and his reindeer off to deliver presents.

My favourite tree is the one made up of all the hand prints of the children in that class. Each class contributes a different aspect of the whole display.

Congratulations of a foyer full of the spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all the staff and children.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Angel Party

This year B2 asked for an Angel Party in blue, pink and white.

The cake topper was a gift from her Tran and Pop in Australia. They didn't know about the angel theme and just sent it to her by chance. B2 wanted a two tiered cake with the bottom tier being a chocolate cake and the top tier being a vanilla cake (for B3, as she is allergic to cocoa). I thought this was very thoughtful of her, to think of her little sister :)

Here is a glimpse of our brand spanking new blackboard. This is the first message written on it.

B2 asked for a craft party, so as it is close to Christmas we made it a Christmas Craft Party, which tied in nicely with the Angel theme.

As it is a craft party I allowed FIVE HOURS (I know I am insane!) so that the children would have enough time to eat and finish the three activities I had planned. B2 was allowed to invite four friends, so we could fit everyone around the table comfortably. One friend was unable to come, which worked out for the best as there was more room for everyone.

I love this photo of her Angel Cake :)

The first craft we did was to make Christmas Wreaths from cut out hand prints. I bought several different types of green card and some red glittery berries. You can see their masterpieces on the table. In the fluster of organising six children for a craft activity I forgot to take more photos.

The next activity we did was to make Angels out of paper plates. They all did such lovely work.

The final activity was Christmas Card making which they did in between playing 'Just Dance' on the Wii and bouncing on the trampoline. All in all it was a very successful party.

Happy Birthday Honey.