Saturday, December 3, 2011

Angel Party

This year B2 asked for an Angel Party in blue, pink and white.

The cake topper was a gift from her Tran and Pop in Australia. They didn't know about the angel theme and just sent it to her by chance. B2 wanted a two tiered cake with the bottom tier being a chocolate cake and the top tier being a vanilla cake (for B3, as she is allergic to cocoa). I thought this was very thoughtful of her, to think of her little sister :)

Here is a glimpse of our brand spanking new blackboard. This is the first message written on it.

B2 asked for a craft party, so as it is close to Christmas we made it a Christmas Craft Party, which tied in nicely with the Angel theme.

As it is a craft party I allowed FIVE HOURS (I know I am insane!) so that the children would have enough time to eat and finish the three activities I had planned. B2 was allowed to invite four friends, so we could fit everyone around the table comfortably. One friend was unable to come, which worked out for the best as there was more room for everyone.

I love this photo of her Angel Cake :)

The first craft we did was to make Christmas Wreaths from cut out hand prints. I bought several different types of green card and some red glittery berries. You can see their masterpieces on the table. In the fluster of organising six children for a craft activity I forgot to take more photos.

The next activity we did was to make Angels out of paper plates. They all did such lovely work.

The final activity was Christmas Card making which they did in between playing 'Just Dance' on the Wii and bouncing on the trampoline. All in all it was a very successful party.

Happy Birthday Honey.



  1. Great idea having the blackboard on the wall!

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  3. Thanks Wendy. It saves me finding hundreds of scraps of paper all over the house with my 'notes to self' on them; now they are all in one place :)