Monday, September 14, 2009

Presents from Granddad

A parcel arrived this morning from my Dad. It had three separate address labels on it. I guess he wanted to be sure it got here.

Whenever I received a parcel wrapped in brown paper I can hear Julie Andrews warbling away in my head. I think I have watched the ‘Sound of Music’ way to many times.

Inside the contents were securely wrapped in a second layer of paper; newspaper this time.

Madness does not run in my family.

Although I did give one of my friends a large plastic fish for her eighteenth birthday. She loved it together with its accompanying jar of rice wrapped in green velvet contact.

There was no note.

Did Julie Andrews sing the theme to Godzilla? Now all I can hear is Julie Andrews say ‘Godzilla, Godzilla,’ over and over with a lighter flame being waved in front of her eyes.

Thanks Dad for this gift that will keep on giving. Godzilla is currently soaking in a sink filled with hot water and very strong Detol. Sadly he smells as if he has been lurking in someone’s pond and if I am completely honest he looks a little like it to. B1 will no doubt claim him and I will never be rid of Godzilla’s smiling face until B1 moves out of home.

I’ll see if I can find a gift of such class for you too Dad….a garden gnome flashing his butt perhaps.

Love you Dad.

Madness does not run in my family ;P

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