Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pink Bridesmaids and Best Men

The card read: 'Time flies when you are having fun.

Congratulations to you both.

Love the Clare Place Gang'

I thought at first that I was having a mild stroke, that I had forgotten some monumental event. If I am completely honest the first thought that crossed my mind was 'Wait a minute - am I pregnant?' Did the Clare Place Gang know something I didn't? I know that I am NOT pregnant (do not call me Mum, I repeat, do not call me Mum - I am NOT, no way on God's green Earth pregnant!).

So why were Mr Bee and myself receiving floral gifts from afar? Well of course it made perfect sense that our Best Man and Bridesmaid in Pink should remember that it was our 10 year Wedding Anniversary in a few days time and that I had forgotten! In my own defence I did remember that our anniversary was coming up and that indeed it was our ten year anniversary at that, but Mr Bee and I had agreed that we wouldn't exchange gifts or go out to dinner as next year was the 20 year anniversary of being together; we would save the celebrations for then.

You see I had made it very clear to Mr Bee when we got married that I was not starting back at 1; we had been together for 9 years when we got married and as we were married on the 'anniversary' of our starting to date I said that he could forget me going back to all that 'wood, paper, chainsaw, lemon meringue pie anniversaries' and bring on the 'ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, vintage car and overseas holiday' ones all the sooner.

I do not expect our anniversary to be a noteworthy event for other people, not even our own children; which is why today's delivery was such a lovely surprise.

Mr Bee and I will still wish each other a 'Happy Anniversary' and make a special meal to share, when all the Bumble Bee'rs are tucked up in bed, with a few glasses of bubbles to accompany it.

Regardless of all my ramblings in this post I can't begin to tell you my Pink Bridesmaid and Best Man how lovely it was to receive this gift and to know that you are thinking of us. We miss you all so much, Clare Place Gang, and can't wait to see you soon. (Misty eyes, feeling a bit weepy, wish you were here chickee).

P.S. Mr Bee I know you will be reading this at work, so just let me state for the record, that next year, for the number 20, some form of gift and culinary experience outside the walls of our humble abode will be required my love ;P


  1. What a lovely idea! I wished I had thought of that, but we were together two years before we married!

  2. Ah, I love your pragmatic attitude to the anniversary gifts and not starting over again - onward and upward to diamonds. And you clearly chose a wonderful bridesmaid and best man.