Monday, May 10, 2010

This Cake has got a secret....

It is quite unassuming isn't it?

Please note the well smoothed icing - I bought a new toy :)

Please excuse the wonky cutting but it is hard to cut through six different layers of cake when the cake is taller than the knife.


Four and a half hours of baking and icing later and I managed to capture a little bit of sunshine.

Therapeutic baking is just what I needed and it was time for Mr Bee to take another cake to work.

The Bumble B'eers are most put out that this is not for them :-0
I have promised the possibility of more baking tomorrow and I seem to be forgiven.


  1. Well that is interesting - how dd you make it! And what is your new toy........?

  2. I thougfht it looked very tall - I'd love a slice with my cuppa!!!