Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pink Princess Party

A few weeks ago B2 told one of my friends about a 'Pink Party' that my Mum had given for B2 and B3 when we went home to Brisbane to visit in Christmas 2008. My friend thought it sounded like a fabulous idea so she decided to have one during the Half Term break. B2 was beside herself with excitement all holidays and would give me a daily report on how many days until the party. Unfortunately on the day B3 was unwell so she spent the day with B1 and Mr Bee but I made sure I brought her home a large piece on pink cake to cheer her up.

I made a Pink, Poofy, Princess cake. Once again I used the old faithful chocolate cake recipe (which you can find in my recipe collection on the side bar).

I also made some chocolate dipped marshmallows. This was the first time I tired to make these and they turned out quite well. Once I worked out the correct amount of chocolate to put on each one the process was fairly straight forward. I did manage to cover myself, the counter top and the floor in white chocolate and sprinkles however.

There was pink food galore. There were seventeen little princesses in attendance; all either dressed in a Princess outfit or something suitably pink. I didn't have anything pink so purple had to do; I did manage to find a purple feather fascinator lurking in the back of my cupboard so B2 informed me that this would pass in lieu of a tiara and ball gown.

There was fairy bread, heart shaped ham sandwiches, flower shaped cheese sandwiches, star shaped nutella sandwiches, pink sweets/lollies, pink rice crispy cakes.....

... a pink Princess cake and somehow a pink fairy cake also managed to sneak in. Both of which are from Marks and Spencers - of course.
The Princesses had their nails painted in all shades of pink, rightly Royal make-up applied, hair styles with glitter spray (two of the servant, helper Mums are hairdressers) and I took along a bracelet making kit. I supervised bracelet making for nearly two and a half hours and was only allowed a reprieve once all the Princess had made three bracelets each; then all the Mums made some too!
I am always on the look out for new and interesting sprinkles for cakes and when these little pink, sparkly cupcakes arrived I was straight over to their creator to ask the all important question - 'Where did you get the sparkly sprinkles?' I knew I was living in a fantasy land hoping for a shop in Guernsey and sure enough they came from mainland UK, ASDA. Fortunately we are going to visit my Aunty Sue in Manchester soon so I already have plans for a quick trip to the mighty ASDA, purveyor of cheap and well washing children's clothes and sparkly, pink and girly sprinkles.

Here is the Hostess with Mostess, the main Princess herself. You should have seen the look on the little girl's faces when they laid eyes on Cinderella; she even had glass slippers, but I forgot to take a photo of those :(

Thankyou your Royal Highness, Princess Nicky, a truly wonderful and magical time was had by one and all.

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  1. How fantastic!!! Did you get home before midnight? Have you had to kiss a frog? Have you met Prince Charming? xxx