Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surfer Cake

It was our school's Principal's 60th Birthday and I was asked if I would make the cake. He is an avid surfer so I was requested to make a cake reminiscent of Vazon Bay, where he surfs regularly, and was supplied with the surfing penguin.

The teacher's were unable to get a plastic surfer dude so the penguin had to suffice - it is not some weird in-joke, at least I don't think it is!

I used my Fail Safe Chocolate cake recipe (found in the side bar in my recipe section) but I made the mistake of baking and icing the cake on the same day. When I went to ice the cake it was too fresh so my surf was very crumb filled. I made some of the sea foam swirl around the pier; you can just see it in this photo. The ocean was supposed to be crashing up onto the beach thus causing the largest tidal wave Guernsey has ever seen for our proud penguin to ride to glory on!

The wave was the trickiest part as every time I tried to ice it large chunks of cake would come away. It turned out OK and I was told they all recognised it as Vazon, because of the wooden/chocolate flake piers which dot the shoreline of Vazon's northern end.

I used blue icing gel and edible glitter to try to give the idea of sparkly, board-worthy surf. It was not the best cake I have ever done but it is not the worst either. I will certainly not bake and ice on the same day again - never, ever, ever :P


  1. It is an adorable cake but I agree with not icing on the same day of baking.

  2. just a gorgeous cake, I'm sure he loved it. Love the surfer dude lol (reminds me of Phillip Island!)

  3. Looks yummy to me!!
    smiles, alice

  4. Oh, that is soooo cute!