Monday, June 7, 2010

Lihou Island

Last weekend the causeway to Lihou Island was open so we ambled over.

If you decide to go to Lihou Island whilst in Guernsey take the warnings seriously. You will NOT want to get stuck there overnight! There is a cottage for rent on the island but it is not usually 'manned'.
There is a two to three hours window in which to safely cross over, depending on the tides. This is more than enough time to walk over, circumnavigate the island and walk back.

The first time we went it was the week before Christmas 2007 and we wore sneakers - we were totally unprepared novices. We are old hands now well equipped with rubber feet :)

The walk around the island is fairly safe for small children. There are a few areas where they will need to hold your hand as the island drops away a few metres onto a pebble beach.
The walk around the island will take less than an hour at a small persons pace i.e. B3.

This is the view from the island back to the mainland. Can you call it 'mainland' when it too is an island?
You can see one of the larger Nazi Towers built in Guernsey. It is open to the public several times a year. It is on our 'to do' list.

The seagull chicks have hatched and are hiding amongst the bracken ferns. There is one in this photo.
There are two chicks in this photo; well camouflaged, just in front of their parents.
The Sea Thrift was in full bloom on the sea side of the island. We have some of this planted in our garden. It really is one of the toughest plants I have ever come across, I can now see why considering where it originates from.

The bracken fern has done it usual swift, surprise appearance. It grows so fast it is like a green jack-in-the-box; here one minute, gone the next.

There was a Benedictine Priory on the island in the 12th century. Once again Guernsey Tourism has baffled me (although I am perhaps easily baffled) as this too is numbered 'Number One' on the tourist information board. There are three Number Ones we have come across now; perhaps it is some type of secret code!?
These are the ruins of the Priory.
This is the causeway. It is made of local granite and snakes its way through the rocks back to Guernsey. The Bumble Bee'rs always have a lovely time filling up their pockets with sea treasure and I always make sure I clean out their pockets BEFORE things go in the wash; large rocks are not good for the barrel of the washing machine, especially when it is front loading and you can't open it until the cycle has finished.

The times Lihou Island is open are printed in the Guernsey Press and the Globe (I think). It is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and makes for a nice change from racing around the usual tourist traps. Lihou Island is on the west coast and there are buses you can catch from St Peter Port. Entry is free - but bring the wellies!


  1. I remember seeing the Island when we went on holiday to Guernsey, but we never got to visit it. It looks intriguing. xxx

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