Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beware the dotted blue line.......

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted for a while as I have been really disheartened by the Chinese porn comments that have been appearing on my blog.

I have deleted my two rants about them as that is not why I started to blog. I started so friends and family can see what we at Bumble Bee Cottage have been up to and I have been very fortunate to meet a few lovely people in the mean time.

Mr Bee has just told me that he checks my blog each day, just in case, and he noticed that I had published a few comments by people with Chinese symbol blogger names.

Mr Bee noticed that when the mouse arrow was over the dots at the end of the post, like this ....................., that the arrow changed into a finger, which represents a link.

I went and checked this out this evening and sure enough there were two more links to Chinese porn sites. I had published the comments as they were in English and I just, stupidly, assumed that all the dots at the end were just a way Chinese bloggers ended there comments.


Please check your comments and be sure this does not happen to you. I suppose I am quite naive in thinking 'What the hell would a Chinese porn site be interested in posting a link on a blog about what there is to do on an Island thousands of kilometres away, with a little bit of china collecting and children's artwork thrown in,' but there you go, what do I know.

So ladies who are interested in my humble raving please, please roll up for the new representative of global Chinese porn sites.

That's right you can get it ALL RIGHT HERE in Guernsey.

I bet you never knew how raunchy we are over here :P


  1. I sometimes end sentences with "......." hope I don't offend anyone......?
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Not unless you have decided to open a little business on the side Julie!


  3. God i get them alll the time, i just learn to live with deleting them everytime i see another has been you have your settings so that comments are only visable after blog owner approval?? kirsty x

  4. Greetings from Colorado, USA. I've enjoyed visiting your world via the great photos you are sharing. One day I may be lucky enough to visit your beautiful land. It's HOT here, 106* F. yesterday. Don't know what that is in celsius.

    I'll be aware of weird comments from now on. Thanks for the warning. ♥♫

  5. Don't let them stop sharing your pics & wonderful tales of life on Guernsey. Your wirting inspires me but it sickens me that they would infiltrate harmless blogs written by people who just want to share their favourite things like sewing, cooking, etc. Wendy

  6. Don't let them stop you writing - you are an inspiration to me; I love reading what is happening in Guernsey!

  7. Ahh, yes I've been getting these comments too. Wish there was some way of only accepting comments in our alphabet. Maybe there is and I haven't found it yet?!