Monday, August 9, 2010

August Hydrangeas

Thankyou for everyone’s kind comments on my previous post.

No, I have not given up posting it is just that it has been simply manic at Bumble Bee Cottage.

School finished two weeks ago.

The approach of the end of the school year (July in Guernsey) seems to signify that more and more and more needs to be jammed into each and every school day; so instead of things calmly drawing to a close the kids end the year hyped and ready to go, full of the expectation that the holidays will offer a similar amount of non-stop activity.

Fortunately for me, just four days into the start of this summer holiday, visitors arrived.

My Aunty Sue and her grandson (my second cousin, I suppose) arrived for a week and then as a surprise for my Aunty Sue my Dad came to stay as well.

Their holidays overlapped by two days so there was a fair bit of bed shuffling going on but we managed to squeeze everyone in.

My Dad left today on the 12 o’clock to Manchester. He should be putting his feet up in the Isle of Man enjoying a well earned cup of tea as I write this.

So this, my first post for six or so weeks is simply to say ‘hello long time no see.’

My next few posts will be about what we have been up to these last few weeks and what has been going on in this 65 kilometre square piece of land in the middle (well slightly off centre really) of the Channel.

These hydrangeas were photographed on the weekend in the southern parish of Torteval.

I like the faded ones best :)


  1. Lovely Hydrangeas. My mum used dry the heads and spray them for Christmas!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Glad to hear everything is ok, was starting to wonder what had happened. Love the pictures they are just gorgeous. Michele xx