Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Morning Tea Surprise

Each Wednesday morning a group of my friends get together for a cup of something, a nibble of cake and a good old natter. It is two hours were all the worries of work and home can be put aside and we can just be people, not Mums or employees, just friends having a chat.

Today when I turned up for morning tea I had a wonderful surprise. The ladies had made it a special birthday morning tea for both myself and another friend who shares the same birthday as me. I was given a piece of the cake to take home so all the Bumble Bee'rs had some as well. I had to cut it into slices very, very carefully to ensure that they all had a piece of the rose.

There were gifts and cake and a wonderful feeling of being special. Mr Bee is away for twelve days in Singapore and Hong Kong 'selling' Guernsey to the Asian business market so I suggested that we wait and have a belated birthday lunch with the children when he arrived home.

As a result it didn't really feel like my birthday but thanks to my wonderful friends it does now.

Thankyou 'Wednesday Club' for all your kindness and friendship.


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  1. very belated birthday wishes....and that cake looks yummy!