Monday, January 23, 2012

Taste the Waste

When I start to think about the world and what is has become I am overwhelmed, sometimes. A fresh year has begun and with it a promise to myself to renew the principles and ideals I held many years ago, when my life was slower, less full of people, namely of my own creation :)

In attempting to re-educate myself about the modern green movement, sustainability, planet care and grow your own I came across this video. I knew this happened but to see it in 'real life' is still a shock.

During the past week I have been systematically going through my cupboards and using up all the food I have purchased over the past year; dried beans, lentils, spices, tinned products etc. in an attempt to use the food I have bought and not waste it. It has been a very educational exercise as our grocery bill has been more than halved. Instead of taking the easy route of finding a recipe I fancy, writing out a list, crossing out a few ingredients we have and then purchasing the rest, I have been finding recipes using what I have in the cupboard and then buying the few items I need. After all why did I buy this food in the first place if not to cook it and eat it?

I have been making Mr Bee frozen lunches of lentil soup, lentil curry, pea and ham soup and beef madras curry. All have been healthy recipes, cheaper than buying lunch and far tastier (so Mr Bee tells me). I used to make his lunches all the time and then gradually over the years I have stopped with the usual excuse of 'no time'.

As part of this new year I have decided to 'make' the time and just see what I can do with it :)


  1. I totally agree. I hate waste and it is always satisfying to make a meal with what you have available. I know my mum was an expert at it. Good luck!!