Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book - Choosing Eden

A change and a rekindling of old interests began in July last year, whilst we were home in Brisbane. We were wandering aimlessly around Indooro (Indooroopilly Shopping Centre for those not from Brisbane) just enjoying the fact we were shopping 'inside' as opposed to the cold and windy High Street of St Peter Port, when I came upon a book sale. It was one of those sales in the middle of the shopping centre floor space where they have just thrown up trestle tables and covered them with merchandise. It was here amongst the teetering towers of discounted books I came across 'Choosing Eden' by Adrienne Langman (photographed here in my lovely clean, tidy and toy free conservatory). It was only $5.00 AUD.

This book is the story of Adrienne and her husband, Larry's decision to sell up and move from Sydney suburbia to a twelve acre property in Nana Glen, three hours north, in northern New South Wales. When I purchased this book I was unaware that their story was made into a television program 'The Real Seachange' (even though this is actually written on the back of the book, but who has time to read all the blurb when the Bumble Bee'rs are loose in a shopping centre).

Adrienne writes about why they made their decision and the story follows them over the course of their first year of their 'greening' adventure. The basis of their decision is Peak Oil. They want to be prepared, for both their own sake and that of their family, to be able to deal with the changes they believe Peak Oil will bring to modern society.

Peak Oil is not a new term to me. My Dad has been talking about it for years and years. It has been a running joke in our family 'Oh Dad's talking about Peak Oil....again!' Well I'm not laughing now Dad. XX

While I  do not agree with Adrienne's quite extreme view of a complete break down of society, I can certainly see the logic in both her choices, preparations and adoption of a permaculture 'lifestyle'.

I feel I need to investigate this concept further.

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