Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caramel Bovine Noses

I love these two photos and I have been meaning to post them. I really like those cow paintings some artists do, right, up-close-and-personal with the cows. These photos reminds me of one of those paintings. I took them way back in September when we went blackberry and sloe picking. It wasn't really that long ago but it sure seems it at the moment. It was sunny - something we have been missing alot here at Bumble Bee Cottage.

It has been cold wet and very windy for the last five weeks. One Saturday morning, not too long ago, our trampoline made a bid for freedom into the great beyond. It was lifted up about five metres into the air, carried for fifteen metres across our yard and crash landed upside down on top of our swing set. One of the poles that hold the anti-child-breaking net around the outside was bent so it has been relegated to the patio, behind a wall, where hopefully it will not be able to repeat romp into the great blue, grey and cloudy really, beyond.

Ah, September, where have your sunny days gone. Ah October and November - the months of trying to wash our cottage into the ocean. Roll on the end of January when the happy little yellow daffs will cover the paddocks and hedge veges and drier days are on the way.

I don't mind the rain, really I don't; it is just that I would like to go outside and winter proof my garden before it is too late and I can't face doing it in the sheeting rain in 9*c plus the wind chill.

I think I'll just focus on the cows.

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