Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How narrow is too narrow?

Answer: If you fit it is NOT too narrow. It does not matter if you are in the Town (St Peter Port)........

or in the Country (St Saviour)........
Guernsey roads are narrow and a bit scary sometimes; especially if a tractor or truck comes the other way!


  1. Same here, but alas my reversing skills are not up to much.

  2. Country lanes round here and in Devon are not much better!

  3. Oh I love how jolly your header is it always gives me a little boost when I open your page!

    Hm, we too live down a V.narrow lane no passing room at all, leads to close shaves fairly regularly!

    Sarah x

  4. How lovely to have a peek of where you live!
    I have the same problem when I drive my daughter to school. The lane we live in is a single & access to the school is a via a single track windey lane. Lots of reversing and getting stuck in the muddy verge at times...
    Isabelle x