Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas at the Friquet

This post is for my Mum as she loves Le Friquet Garden Centre (this link is to the Le Friquet site but they still have the photos of the old nursery - I can't seem to find any of the new and improved model) and we always go for a mooch around there on her visits to Guernsey. I asked the lady at reception if it was OK for me to take photos to show my Mum; she said it would be fine but I could tell from her expression she felt pity for the strange Australian woman who obviously came from a country without Christmas decorations so she had to photograph them.

When Mum last visited the new and improved Le Friquet had not yet opened its doors. Le Friquet at Christmas time is something to behold. I used to visit the old plant shop at least once a week after the 1st of November (this is when they are allowed to start selling their Christmas decorations); eight weeks of Christmas bliss.

The new centre has certainly taken their Christmas displays up a notch. There are eight bays, each with a large table display in the middle. Most of the bays are colour coded, red (2 bays), gold, white, black/silver, natural/wooden, children’s (lots of Santas and gingerbread men), rainbow colours. At the entry to each bay is a tree decorated in the colours theme of that bay (sorry only one of the tree photos turned out). There is a large selection of Christmas trees, wreaths, lights and other Christmas related paraphernalia. I am amazed at the sheer quantity of stock.

I am sorry about the quality of the photos but I took them without the flash as the flare off the decorations made the photos too glarey.

Hopefully this post will tempt my family over for a Guernsey Christmas one year ;)


  1. Stunning!! Hope you are all over the piggy flu. xxxx

  2. love the silver Christmas ornaments.


  3. Love the arrangement hanging from the greenery from the ceiling.

  4. oooooooooh, I'm going for a mooch tomorrow for some festive finds - your pics have made me jolly CITED!