Monday, July 11, 2011

Buddleja and roses

 I went Op Shopping last week and was fortunate enough to come across this Stuart crystal vase for only £5.00. 

 I didn't buy it straight away. I actually walked out of the shop and came back and got it on the way back to the car. Don't ask me what I was thinking!

 I only say it is Stuart crystal as it said so on the price sticker. It might not be Stuart but it is definitely crystal. It is in perfect condition, with no chips anywhere.

 I imagine it was very special to someone as it was so well looked after. Unfortunately the vase it cloudy at the bottom. I did a bit of research and I will buy some soft scrub cleanser and mix this with a little bleach. Apparently this will do the trick - I hope.

The buddleja and roses are from my front garden. The buddleja bush is heavy with hundreds of white blooms which are all literally buzzing due to the hive full of bees who visit each day.

The rose is called Deep Secret and it a truly outstanding performer. It produces masses of highly scented blooms with long stems which are perfect for picking. There scent wafts into the house each time the front door is opened. This bunch have filled the kitchen with the most heady aroma.

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  1. What is it about Roses..........?
    I love Roses and you did very well with the vase.
    Julie xxxxxxxx