Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run, run the chickens are coming...

 We have had so many visitors during the first half of this year that I have been neglecting my poor kitchen hutch.

 I normally change the display every three months of so, just to keep things interesting.

 Afterall what is the point of collecting china if it lies hidden in your cupboards all the time.

 My spaghetti poddles are safely packed away until it is their turn to be on display again.

 This lovely trio was given to me by a dear friend of mine - Royal Albert 'Old Country Rose'.

 Here it is! All white, a bit of a change. I used to have an all white hutch in Brisbane but was wooed by UK Ebay into accumulating a large patterned china collection so the all white isn't on show often. My chicken collection seems to be growing.

 Little Victorian chicken salt and a hobnail sugar bowl, possibly Fenton but I'm not sure.

 I have a bit of thing for chickens :)

 We are going to be remodelling our entire kitchen in the next few months as it is literally falling to pieces. Three drawers have collapsed so far. This was a better way of accessing the cutlery than having the broken drawer just sitting on the bench. I kept thinking I was going to come home and find Tilly curled up amongst the cutlery.

 Op shopped lemon squeezer. I think it cost 40p.

 Hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers.

One of my best friends from Australia and her family came to stay recently and she gave me this 'Thankyou' angel from Willow as a gift.

 She also gave me one set of these matryoshka  Russian nesting doll measuring cups. Unbeknowst to her my Mum had already given me a set of these for my birthday a few months earlier. They both know me so well - great minds thinks alike. I think both sets on the hutch balance the display nicely.

One more chicken, for good luck.

I am linking to Faded Charm's White Wednesday party.


  1. What a great chicken collection you have! Love the pretty dishes and it's nice to see someone else that takes the time to change out their collection!

  2. Lovely collection. I have a set of the Russian doll measuring cups too
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. What a beautiful collection! I love the chickens and the nesting cups, I REALLY want a set of those!
    I have a growing collection of willow tree figurines also so of course I love yours :) Very nice!

  4. HiGillian. I'm Wendy from South Australia and I love your blog and I love hearing about your life un Guernsey, seeing your collections and your cooking. I think we have a lot in common, apart from both being Aussies! I will be visiting Guernsey in August and I was wondering if you would like to meet up? My husband and I will be staying at Les Cotils for 3 nights. I know this is a bit of a strange question but I am genuine. You can email me if you like. It would be fun! I collect shorter, do quilting, family history and have 3 children (all over 20 now). Hope to hear from you. Wendy Hayes from Victor Harbor