Friday, September 16, 2011

Month of the Spiders

September is called the 'Month of the Spiders' in Guernsey. When I first heard this I did wonder why. I am not wondering anymore.

I went outside to load the children and all their assortment of school paraphernalia into the car to be greeted by this. Our rosemary bush in the front garden was absolutely covered in the most beautiful spider's webs. There were perhaps ten of them and they were all larger than a dinner plate; sparkling, dew covered in the morning sun.

There are no poisonous spiders in Guernsey so they were doing no-one any harm. I half expected there to be a quote about a pig appear in one by the time I arrived back home ;)


  1. Aren't spider webs fascinating.......? I love to look at the webs but when they attach themselves to me because the web has been woven between the fence and the car and I walk into it is is not nice! Not so sure about the spider that sits in the middle though, but they do say spiders are more scared of us thean we are of them......mmmmmmmmm! not so sure about that!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi , this is a great photo of the spider webs, even though I hate spiders! I'm glad we visited in August. Looks like your kitchen reno is going well - looking forward to seeing you end result. I loved Guernsey and had a great few days there, pity we couldn't meet up. Hope your stay in Oz was great. Wendy