Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Renovations - The First Weekend

Our kitchen was starting to show each and every day of its twenty-two years. We were going to paint it but the kitchen had other ideas. The cutlery draw was opened one day and literally collapsed in a heap on the floor. So we lived with a gap where the drawer used to be and procrastinated a little more. A few weeks later a second drawer followed suit and a third. We now had more missing drawers than usable ones. When I say the drawers collapsed I mean they actually collapsed, with all four sides falling off. Then the cupboard doors started to fall off one by one. It was as if the kitchen had simply given up the ghost. After deliberating for three years we were finally forced into a decision.

And so the work of demolishing the old kitchen began. Mr Bee and I spent seven hours packing up cupboards and the dismantling said cupboards. We filled one large waste bag that day and many more in the week that followed.

I am going to use the new kitchen as an excuse to force myself to thin out many of my collections, whether I am true to my word remains to be seen.

The kitchen looks so HUGE with no furniture in it. I am going to have to give what I place in the new kitchen some serious thought.

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