Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kitchen Renovations - The Second Weekend

Mr Bee removed the rest of the kitchen this weekend. The most hated and hideous copper hood was on the way out - hooray!

 He removed all the copper to discover an over engineered mess. This large wooden construction was built around the existing original extractor fan. Our house has had two extensions in its lifetime, both of which involved the kitchen. At some point (judging by the copper sometime during the 1980s) the previous owners decided to snazz up their kitchen and add the copper hood. The problem was the cooker is 110cm wide but underneath the hood the actual extractor was only half that size. As a result it never actually extracted much at all and made a sound like a jet taking off to boot!

 I am going to be repainting the kitchen again once the construction is all finished. I painted a few years ago and changed it from yellow to blue but I think I am feeling the need to change it once more. As to what that colour may be, I think I will have to look through my decorator books and Country Living magazines to narrow it down.

We are keeping our Rangemaster cooker as there is nothing wrong with it and it was one of the reasons we originally bought Bumble Bee Cottage in the first place. Look not a smidge of copper in sight :)

We have chosen the matching Rangemaster rangehood so finally all the cooking smells and grease will be whisked away and no longer coat everything in the immediate vicinity.

The plumber is coming this week to disconnect the sink and to remove the old dishwasher taps and drain. We are moving the dishwasher over next to the sink. I think it was placed in that awkward corner as this is where the sink would have originally been prior to the extension.

The tiler starts tomorrow with his jackhammer; so it will be bye bye ugly picture tiles. Needless to say I am going out for the morning with all that noise.

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