Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hop-A-Long Cassidy has come to stay

B1 had to have an operation on both of his legs a few weeks ago. I went with him to Southampton General Hospital. The children's ward staff we so kind and helpful to me in what was perhaps on of the most stressful times of my life. If it had been me having the operation I would have been a little nervous but as it was my child I was freaking out although I had to only freak out on the inside so I didn't scare B1. Here he is the day after his operation in the plain white plaster casts.

He chose one green and on red cast. The staff in the plaster room asked is this was so he could tell his left from his right foot or was it for stop and go. 'No' said B1, with a condescending eye roll, 'It is red for Mario and green for Luigi of course.' We who do not worship the cult of Nintendo DS should know this, naturally.

Sorry about the photo. I have 'turned it' three times but it doesn't seem to want to stay. Here he is at the airport waiting to fly home to Guernsey. He was very excited as he had to be lifted up to the back door of the aircraft in a special truck. I think it was the same one they use to bring the trolleys on and off the planes.

This is after a hard day at school. He took a permanent marker to school so all his friends could sign his casts. I'm not allowed to sign them until the day they are being removed; just in case I write something embarrassing like how much I love him :)

 He was only in a wheelchair for a few days and then he was walking with a zimmer frame. We were told that he would need crutches to help him walk after this however when we went to see the physio for a lesson on safely walking with crutches she said he was less of a danger to both himself and everyone else if he just walked without them.

Which is precisely what he did. He is recovering amazingly well and will have the casts removed in two weeks.

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