Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smooth floors, rough walls and no fish tank.

This is our tiler starting to pour the self leveller on the kitchen floor. He blocked off the hallway so it didn't ooze its way up the hall. The hall and foyer will be self levelled a little later on.

So now we have a lovely smooth kitchen floor just crying out to the tiled.

This is the corner the fridge and dishwasher used to be in. The dishwasher is being moved over closer to the sink. This corner will soon house a larder/pantry unit, a large cupboard and an incorporated larder fridge. I miss large Australian fridges. In the UK and Guernsey they tend to opt for small fridges that are similar to Australian bar fridges. This type of fridge does not hold more than a few days food for a family of five. We decided on a larder fridge rather than a fridge freezer as we already have a small under bench freezer in the utility room.

The kitchen fitter boarded in the fish tank - hooray! The previous owners had built a fish tank into the wall and for four years we have been talking about getting rid of it and now at last it is done. Once the kitchen is installed we will get a plasterer in to finish it off, ready for painting.

The sink is going back in the same place, under the window, so I can look out at the garden. The kitchen designer suggested we move the sink but I really don't want to stare at a tiled wall each time I do the dishes.

This is where the kitchen is supposed to be delivered and stored. Can you see any boxed up kitchen units there? No, I can't either! First they were going to be delivered on Friday, and then they were going to be delivered on Monday and then they were going to be delivered this morning. Well it is 1.30pm and they are not here yet. The electrician is ready to start. The plumber is ready to start. The kitchen fitter is ready to start. Pity the delivery men don't seem to be.

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