Saturday, October 8, 2011

Storage how we adore you.

Please excuse the mess, we are currently using the top of the cooker and a small sheet of plywood for a bench until the granite ones arrive in three weeks. You can see in this photo that we have blocked up the hatch. Alot of homes in the UK and Guernsey have hatches from the kitchen to the lounge/dining room. Our kitchen has had two extensions in its life so now it is lovely, large and light, but this wasn't always the case. Once upon a time the previous owners would have had their dining table in the lounge area and passed the meals through the hatch to save carrying them through the house. As we have a kitchen large enough to accommodate a table the only use the hatch gets is when I open it to tell the kids to stop fighting or to turn the TV down.

Mr Bee is so excited about having a pantry! We have had all our groceries stored in various cupboards in the kitchen, but now we have a double door pantry that is large enough I am going to have trouble filling it.

The tiler starts on the kitchen floor on Tuesday and the walls will be tiled once the bench tops have been done. We have been quite lucky really as it has only been four weeks of disruption so far and it will probably be another four weeks until we have a cooker and a sink that work. All I keep focusing on is that all the work will be finished in time for Christmas. Everything has to look nice for Santa after all :)

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