Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spots, Spots Everywhere!

Poor little B3 is very unwell. She came home from school on Friday with a sore throat and a temperature. On Saturday she had a tummy ache and had no appetite. Sunday she just lay on the couch and watched TV. Monday she stayed home from school and it was about the same as Sunday but when it was time to have a shower.....spots, spots and more spots!

I made an appointment to see the doctor the next day but our regular GP only had one appointment left, 5.20pm. I took it but by this morning the spots had multiplied and now covered poor little B3 from her eyebrows to her toenails and even on the soles of her feet, the palms of her hands and inside her ears.

I rang the doctor and we went first thing this morning to see a different doctor who had a spot available. They took a throat swab and will let me know if it is Scarlet Fever, although they believe it probably isn't. There have been a few cases of this around Guernsey this year (my friend and her daughter being two of them).

At the moment our house is full. I have B1 and B2 home on the couch exhibiting very similar symptoms to B3's but no rash yet and Mr Bee is upstairs in bed. Mr Bee never gets sick and if he does he recovers very quickly. I have not seen him this sick for a very long time however he has managed to drag himself out of bed for a few slices of Honey and Lemon cake. I do what a lot of Mums do when the ones they love are unwell; I make them special little somethings to cheer them up :)

Every time Mr Bee sees B3 he sings at her, not too her, at her. The little ditty goes something like this:

Spot, Spot, stinky old Spot.
Smells like a wet dog and licks his butt!

B3 does not grace him with a response.......just the required eye-roll, just how Daddy likes it :)

Update: it was not Scarlet Fever but an unidentified, severe, viral rash; so in other words they don't know. The main thing is they are all fine now :)


  1. eeeuuuugh! Doesn't look nice! Hope everyone gets better soon and Mummy doesn't get it!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Julie, I am symptom free so far (fingers crossed).