Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Old Weather Knee Worked!

My friend M told me yesterday at school that Friday night would be the night for snow and looks like she was correct - that old weather knee of hers is worth its weight in gold. Perhaps she should freelance for the Met Office then they might get their weather predictions right more often!

The snow started to fall at Bumble Bee Cottage at about 6.30am and it has been snowing on and off all morning. These photos were taken at 8.30am.

It would have to snow for quite a few hours to get enough to make a snowman but we are hopeful :)

This is the most snow we have had all week. There have been flurries blowing on the wind off and on for the past few days but nothing constant like this. The Bumble B'eers ended up having two days off school and went back yesterday, much to their disgust. We had a note home yesterday asking parents to check Islands FM on Monday morning to see if the schools will be closed again. It is a very novel concept, schools closing because of the weather. In Australia the only reason schools might close because of the weather is a cyclone or possibly a Bush Fire, something not likely to occur in this part of the world.

People in the UK would find our smattering of snow a bit of a joke after the BIG FREEZE they have been enduring over the last week, with temperatures plummeting below -22*C. All the same we are very excited here in Bumble Bee Cottage.

Come on your Easterly French Wind blow some more snow our way :P


  1. You are more than welcome to a few tins of ours!! Its very deep and has frozen solid - you can cut bricks out of it!! That first phot is very spooky!!!

  2. I'd blow some of ours your way..but, here in Devon, we have not had that much really!
    At the moment I am sitting watching that birds which are descending in huge numbers to feed in our garden...a lovely sight!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a little more snow!

  3. snowed in in Kent here! I could do with a weather knee, where do you get them?

    Sarah x