Sunday, January 31, 2010

St Saviour's Reservoir

B2 came home on Friday with weather predictions of snow over the weekend. You must excuse me, but we at Bumble Bee Cottage, are now very, very skeptical of any predictions of snow - it is always predicted but never eventuates!

We have been attempting to get the Bumble B'eers out and about on Sundays, despite the appalling (well to an Aussie girl) temperatures. This Sunday we headed off at 9.00am and arrived at our destination approximately 20 minutes later - the St Saviour's Reservoir. Here we found evidence of B2's promised snow.

The south of the Island always seems to get the lion's share of the white stuff - smattering that it is. There was enough snow to make the walk along the top of the Reservoir wall quite slippery and dangerous; just the way the kids like it :)

9.32am the view across the Reservoir from the top of the wall

I love this photo. I never seem to be able to capture reflections very well but I managed to pull it off this morning. It was so still but sadly not that quiet as we came across at least twenty other walkers with the same early morning walk aspirations.

B1 asked if you used this when you were drowning. I said yes, as long as there is someone there to throw it to you :)

It was such a wonderful walk. One of those days you will remember long into old age. The walk around the Reservoir is a good one for small children as the complete circuit only takes about one hour and ten minutes at a gentle stroll. The whinging usually starts at the half way point and by then we can truthfully answer that is will be quicker if we continue on rather than turning back now.

These are some of the largest trees I have seen in Guernsey. During the Occupation the Nazis cut down nearly ever tree on the Island to use for heating.

These were the first daffodils I have seen this year. You can just make out the fat buds ready to burst open and reveal the pure, heart lifting, sunniness of February Daffodils. Their arrival chases away my Winter blues very effectively.

We did manage to scrape together a few, rather gritty, snowballs. One of which B2 landed squarely on my forehead - much to Mr Bee's amusement. One of the most interesting things this morning was our discovery that mud freezes! This does of course make perfect sense; an object full of water should be able to freeze but we had just never seen it before. When I say frozen it is not hard like ice but more hard like a chewy lolly/sweet - when pressed it has a bit of give. Yes, yes I know small things amused small minds and all that but considering that Brisbane Winters are the same temperature as Guernsey Summers I think it is an amazing thing to see.

This is the view across the fields towards the Reservoir.

This is the same field, taken from a slightly different angle, in early March in 2009. Mmmmm that's better; roll on Spring.

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