Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wicked Hot Chocolate

It has been so cold these last few weeks I decided a little delicious surprise was in order so I made everyone some hot chocolate.

Each of the Bumbe B'eers has their own special mug. B1 has a monkey.

B2 has a giraffe and B3 has an owl. I found them on Australian EBay a few years ago and as they were being sold as a set of three for the fabulous price of $11 AUD delivered I snapped them up.

I try to make things special for the kids and having something 'grown up' i.e. breakable/not melamine, like a stoneware mug all of their own adds to that. The mugs are similar enough not to cause fights about whose is bigger/better/ holds more hot chocolate, but different enough to make it something all of their own.

I remember going to visit my cousins in Cairns as a child and they each had their own special Bunnykins china breakfast bowl - how I loved those bowls. I believe happy memories created in childhood stay with us as adults and tend to make the seemingly ordinary, like an old mug, special and bring a smile when you think about them.

When I say this is 'wicked' hot chocolate I mean WICKED. It is a recipe of my own design...but I am willing to share.

Wicked Hot Chocolate

250g bar of dark chocolate

1 litre of 'Red' Guernsey Dairy milk; if you can't guess this, which most of you won't unless you live in Guernsey, extra creamy milk will serve the same purpose or normal milk but add a bit of cream (well I did say it was wicked, didn't I)

1 can of Whipped cream or whip your own

The all important sprinkles to top it off

Take one 250g bar of dark chocolate and melt in in a saucepan over a very gentle heat. Do not bother about a double boiler for this but DO NOT walk away from it either, keep stirring it lovingly to ensure it does not burn. Pour a small amount of milk in and whisk until smooth. Keep adding the milk a little at a time, whisking in between. Heat the mix until it is steaming hot but not a bubbling boil. Pour into mugs and top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

WARNING: Do not give this to small children after 2.00pm in the afternoon if you expect them to go to sleep at a reasonable hour that night!

The Bumble B'eers had three serves of the whipped cream before they got around to drinking the hot chocolate.

I was told it was 'The best Hot Chocolate ever!!' and B3 gave me a high-five and said 'Yum, good girl!' So I guess this means they liked it :)

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  1. Lovely mugs. A hot chocolate receipe I must try. I love hot chocolate especially on days like these!