Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pay It Forward parcels have arrived

A big thankyou to Diane of Heart Shaped and Julie of KC's Court for participating in my 'Pay It Forward'. Both ladies have now received their parcels so I can now post about it without ruining the surprise.

I posted the parcels in the week before Christmas but unfortunately they did not arrive until after Christmas Day. I included a few little Christmas Teddies in Diane's parcel.

Julie received a few Santa's for her ever growing collection of the Fat Man in Red.

I wanted to send something from Guernsey so both ladies received some Guernsey Cream Toffees. I can personally voucher for these they are delicious :)

I am one of the sewing challenged but I am not too bad with paper so I made Christmas cards instead of wounding myself with a needle and thread.

I made two different cards. The first was this little, chubby Penguin. At least I can now see the point in 'cold' themed Christmas cards; when you are sending cards in Australia and they are covered in snowy scenes but the temperature outside is 37*C it seems a little ridiculous!

And the second was this Christmas Teddy. I sent a mixed pack of the two different cards, together with matching envelopes. I am so pleased that both the ladies liked the gifts and I hope they get use of the cards next Christmas.

I am still looking for one more participant in my Pay It Forward. The way it works is that I will send a hand made gift to a volunteer who will then send a hand made gift on to three more volunteers and it perpetuates from there.

If you would like to participate in this please leave a comment, stating that you want tp participate, on this post and I will send you an Easter themed parcel - so hop to it (sorry I couldn't resist!)


  1. I loved my parcel Gillian, Many thanks. The little bears were so sweet!! Your photos are better than the ones I took - I am struggling to photo anything because of the light. xxx

  2. What a wonderful idea Gillian. Your cards are absolutely adorable. I too am sewing challenged:)

    Have a wonderful day...