Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Day Hama Beading

We all sat down last week on one of the kid's Snow Days (without the snow) off school and spent a few hours doing Hama Beading.

They take a surprisingly long time to do, but I must say the time goes fairly quickly as everyone has a nice chat with the only squabbling being over who is hogging which colour bead. I got in big trouble for using up all the white! It is lovely to be able to talk together as a family without any distractions; I suppose it is a bit sad that we need an excuse to all sit in the one spot, but life always seems to get in the way - school, work, cooking, cleaning, DS, after school activities, friends, TV, ironing, washing, collapsing in the couch...

I made the hippo, B1 made the Alien and the square Heart, as a present for me :), B2 made the Snowman, of her own design, and B3 made the Rainbow Butterfly.

Who knew ironing bits of plastic could be so enjoyable ;P


  1. I did some of this before Christmas when my sis planned the craft morning!!! It was fun and made a change from the more 'serious' stuff!

  2. By the looks of it, you may be getting tons of the white stuff tomorrow - so I hope you saved a few beads!!