Friday, April 30, 2010

Bluebell Wood

We went for our yearly trek to Bluebell Wood on the weekend. We park down by the bathing pools in St Peter Port and walk for about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the wood.

No blue just yet.

These beauties are not in the Woods themselves but on the way.

I do not think they are native bluebells but rather the Spanish imports but lovely just the same.

A little wild borage amongst the blackberries.

Once again we have timed our visit poorly.

Whilst there were flashes of blue, a lot of the flowers are yet to open.

The native bluebell.

I understand that native English bluebells are becoming endangered in the UK as too many people are picking them and as a result they are not reproducing new bulbs. You are not permitted to pick the bluebells in Bluebell Wood for the same reason, much to B2's disappointment.

The plants at the bottom of the wood receive far more sunlight and as a result bloom earlier than those in the shade of the wood.

We will come back next weekend to see if more beautiful blue blooms have appeared.


  1. I have a tiny patch of English Bluebells in my garden - I just loe them!

  2. and wild Borage too! I put a Borage flower in ice cubes to serve with G&T in summer!! xxxx