Friday, April 9, 2010

There's snow in them thar Hills!

When Mr Bee and the boys arrived home from the Old Trafford B1 excitedly told us that they saw white on the top of the Peaks; so later that afternoon we went in search of the elusive 'white'.

B2 was very skeptical. She keep saying, 'I can't see anything. I think you are trying to trick us into going for a drive!' A 'drive' is one of the Bumble B'eers most hated activities :)

We came around a corner and B1 and Mr Bee were vindicated. This is the start of the Peak District just behind Macclesfield, on the way to Buxton.

B2 gave us a running commentary, 'We're getting closer. We're getting closer. We're getting closer. There it is!'

We stopped at the tearoom's car park and got out for a snowball fight.

There wasn't that much snow really, but it was certainly enough to make it special for our family as we have only seen snow a few times before. All of the children have only seen it once before, in February 2009 in Guernsey.

The temperature was about 2*C, which was 5*C colder than at my Aunty Sue's house, which was a 35 minute drive away. We were not dressed for the colder weather and B3 soon turned every shade of purple and blue and started to shiver and shake. When she finally gave in to frostbite and asked to go back to the car we prepared to leave.

Mr Bee had to throw, or perhaps lob is a more appropriate word, one more snowball in an attempt to even the score with B1. Fortunately for B1 he was swift on his feet :)


  1. You certainly seem to be enjoying your jaunt to the Frozen North!! Glad someone is still excited to see the snow!! Its certainly very cold "on the tops"!!

  2. PS Did you manage to get to Salford Quays?

  3. And a lovely time was had by all!