Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day at the Races

Mr Bee and I were invited to an Ascot party on the weekend. There was going to be a prize for the best hat, so I got busy.

Take one £3.00 hat from a charity shop,

paint it, glitter it, glue on some ribbon, purple feathers, white rose, plastic horse and a few daisies and this is what you get. Am I a contender do you think?

I baked a banana cake with cream cheese icing. I have shown this recipe before on my blog so you can find the recipe in my recipe list on the tool bar.


and more cupcakes; 32 in all.

Unfortunately the strawberries slowly slid off the cake in the drive to deliver them. I didn't think I was that crazy a driver! I managed to rectify the problem but it didn't look as good later on with snail trials of strawberry juice all down the sides of the cake.

The glamorous.

The patriotic.

The glittery.

The comical - look closely for the horse poo!

The subtle.

The floral.

The chic.

The Hostess with the Mostess.

The fabulous.

The betting was a minimum of 20p and it cost £2.00 to buy your own horse. Mr Bee and I won twice with our own horse winning £16 each time. By then end of the evening we had nearly covered the cost of the babysitter!

The Prize.

The races. I am surprised the police didn't turn up as we did cheer rather loudly at times ;p

The winner.
Congratulations Sarah (and Sarah's Mum - hat maker extraordinaire)

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  1. The cakes look really yummy!
    I love all the hats, I bet it was a really fun evening.