Monday, April 26, 2010

Daffodil Wall

This was out garden wall in the first week in March. I finally finished the last four or so meters of planting remaining to do at the far end of the wall so this year there was no 'bare patch'. The daffodils are finished now. Mr Bee found the very last yellow bloom on the weekend. The muscari are past their best and soon we will have a wall clothed in green, brown and yellow foliage as the bulbs leaves die down. I suppose it is the price you pay for growing bulbs.

This is fine when they are in a mixed border but unfortunately there is nothing to hide them up on the wall so we will have to endure them looking manky for a few weeks until I can trim them back in preparation for Summer planting. Mr Bee has been a very busy bee, as it were, growing fifty or so red geraniums from seed for our Summer wall.

I sometimes hate the lack of privacy in our garden but at other times it has its benefits. When our neighbours walk past and see me gardening away they quite often stop for a chat. The garden has enabled me to meet people in our clos who I might never have otherwise spoken too. One lady stopped and asked me if we lifted all the bulbs in the wall each year; the horrified look on my face must have said it all. When I told her that there are well over 1000 bulbs planted she understood why we don't; what an awful job to have to do each year. I think the pure dread of lifting all those bulbs may take away the pleasure of them.

I love our daffodil and muscari wall, mankiness and all!

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  1. That does look really spectacular!!! I loved your previous post too. xxx