Monday, February 20, 2012

Jack-O-Lantern Invitations

I overheard B3 telling one of her friends that she was going to have a Princess Party for her seventh birthday.

I was so pleased to hear this as I have a huge amount of pink and purple sparkly party supplies I want to use up before my girls get to old to want a pink and purple sparkly party.

I was getting ready to make B3's invitations and I thought that I had better confirm the theme she would like, just one more time, just to be certain.

'Halloween, Mummy!' In those two words, gone are the dreams of my last 'little' girl party :(
I rummaged through my scrapbooking supplies and fortunately had some suitably pumpkiny orange card.

I wonder if my sister needs a huge number of  sparkly pink and purple butterflies and glitter?

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