Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Spooky 7th Birthday

We held B3's 7th Birthday party on the weekend, Halloween themed of course!

Fortunately I have alot of Halloween decorations that I have collected over the years so the surprise theme change wasn't a problem.

Spiders and spiderwebs

Sparkly witches and more spiders; so there was something sparkly after all. 

Does anyone remember The Trap Door from the 1980s? 

I based this little guy on Drutt as my kids love that show as much as I do.

Over the years I have reduced the amount of sweets I serve at children's parties. There were eight guests and all the sweets were eaten by the end of the two hours.

I am pleased to say that all the strawberries and half of the blueberries were also gone.

I will never understand why children like these precooked, cold sausages. B3 doesn't like them but B2 does so I weakened and bought some for the party.

Our suitably blood-thirsty tomato sauce dish, bbwwwwhahahaaha (insert evil laugh here).

We played Pin the Fangs on the Vampire, Pass the Parcel, Freeze, Sleeping Lions, Musical Bumps and Aerial Apple Bobbing. B3 had seen a picture of this in one of my children's party books and wanted to play it. I thought it would be less messy than traditional apple bobbing so gave it a go. We tied apples, by their stalks, to a clothes-horse and had all the players kneel next to an apple. The winner was the child who managed to eat the most apple in the time given. It was alot harder than it sounds :)

There were spooky prizes for the spooky games. 

A spooky 'Girlie Ghost' from the Women's Weekly Children's cake book was chosen by B3. She was supposed to have a smaller mouth and eyes but the fondant icing caught on the edge of the plate and stretched just as I was laying it over the cake. B3 didn't seem to mind.

Mr Bee said it made it all the more scary as it looked like Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'.

Hhmmmm, yes thankyou dear :)

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