Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Lucky Country No More :(

I also found this Youtube clip on The Greening of Gavin. It seems the more I look into this topic, food waste, the more shocking it is. The fridge policy in our house is that all the fruit in the chiller drawer in the fridge must be eaten before I purchase new supplies, no exceptions. I am no saint however, as I am guilty of purchasing food with every good intention of making  it into dinner, only to find that I didn't get around to it before it went off. Not really good enough is it?

I always knew, generally, that this 'type of thing' goes on but it was always 'somewhere else'. That is the key to shoving it all from your mind, isn't it; it is happening somewhere else. It was always NIMBY i.e. Not In My Back Yard. But it is, it happens in my own house; perhaps not to the extent discussed in this video but it does happen.

I have been reading in various blogs and newspapers about food shortages in many places across the globe. I watch UK television. It seems to constantly run advertisements about the thousands of children starving to death in Africa. Then I watched this clip - quite a contrast.

I have no doubt that many western countries are the same but it still makes me very sad and very angry that this is happening in my home country. It is hard to contemplate over half the mango crop being thrown away. Supermarkets have trained consumers to expect blemish free fruit so now they do.Surely those 'damaged' crops could be sold at farmer's markets?

The Lucky Country hey; well not for too much longer if Aussies don't start to change their ways - me included.

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