Monday, April 9, 2012

Bluebell Wood

We wandered up to Bluebell Wood this morning.

As you can see, many of the blooms are yet to open.

These are native English Bluebells and are protected i.e. you are not allowed to pick them as bluebells need to flower in order for them to multiply and if every visitor picked just one flower the wood's namesake would disappear very swiftly indeed.

This is part of the wall that runs along one side of the wood. It separates the wood from the private gardens which have the privilege of backing onto it.

The trees are just waiting to burst their buds.

All manner of treasures were found.

A few raindrops on a camera lens can add that special something, sometimes.

Native primroses are one of my favourite flowers. They smell divine.

There are scattered patches of Spanish Bluebells along the pathway that leads back down to the bathing pools. 

The Spanish Bluebells hold their blooms erect while the English Bluebells have an arching appearance.

The Wild Garlic is not to be outdone and is putting on a wonderful show as well.

They may not be the native variety but they are still spectacular.

We will come for another visit next weekend and hopefully a few more bluebells in the woods will have opened.

My Dad is staying with us over Easter. I thought we had taken him on this walk before but apparently we haven't. The Bumble Bee'rs were very excited to show Grandad all the sights.

Blue is my favourite colour which is perhaps part of the reason the beautiful blooms hold such a special  place in my heart.

Hawthorn against a grey and overcast sky. Home we go to dry off and have a mug of hot chocolate to warm us up.

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