Saturday, April 14, 2012

No 'Poo

Well I have taken the plunge and announced to Mr Bee that I am trying No 'Poo. When I told him he literally did a double take, as if he were Elmer Fudd looking for that wascally wabbit. He thought he had misheard me and was looking rather concerned until I explained.

I read about No 'Poo several months ago on Julie’s blog and was intrigued. It just took me a little while try it myself. For those friends and family who are wondering if I am now constantly jiggling on the spot with my butt cheeks firmly clenched together I will elaborate on what No 'Poo actually is.

It means to stop using commercial shampoos and conditioners when you wash your hair; replacing the shampoo with bi-carbonate of soda and conditioner with a vinegar rinse. After reading Julie’s experiences I did not use a paste of bi-carb but rather put a large teaspoon into a cup of water and used it as a rinse. I massaged it into my hair for a few minutes, rinsed it well and then added about half a cup of apple cider vinegar to ‘condition’.

I deliberately had not washed my hair for four days so it was as dirty as I could stand, in order to put the technique to the test. I am really pleased with the results. My hair is soft and clean. I asked Mr Bee to sniff my head and he told me he wanted fish and chips – cheeky monkey! He then went on to say that he couldn’t really smell anything; that it just smelt clean. I have been sniffing my hair all day and I can smell a faint vinegary aroma so I think I will try Julie’s trick of adding a spring of fresh rosemary to the vinegar. Although the vinegar smell is only very faint and people would have to stick their nose into my hair to smell it I think I would prefer the occasional whiff of rosemary instead.

For years I have been searching for a commercial shampoo and conditioning treatment that I react well to, but as yet they have remained elusive. Every time I wash my hair my entire head peels. If it is a particularly bad reaction, if I am trialling a new product for example, my head can peel on a daily basis. Although this is only day one and is probably too soon to call this a definite success I can say that I have had no reaction yet.

I am having friends over for morning tea on Wednesday so I will ask them all to sniff my head then (lucky them!) and see what they say. I already have a reputation as that Mad Australian so fanning the flames always adds to the fun! I will hopefully have organised my herb scented conditioner by then. I’ll let you know the sniff test results.

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