Monday, April 16, 2012

Guernsey North Show - Animals made from Vegetables

The North Show is still four months away but while B2, B3 and I were planting out the vegetable garden on the weekend it made me think of the ‘Animal made from Fruit and Vegetables’ section. Each year I leave organising their entries until the last minute. This year it will be different; I will be organised and we will hopefully be able to use our own, home grown produce for the Bumble Bee’rs entries.

These photos are not in 'historical' order but rather the order I stumbled across them while I was looking through our ridiculous number of digital photos.

B1 made the Rabbit (which he won third prize for). B2 made the Turtle and B3 made the Cat (with the help of her Nan.) These were our entries in 2009.

These were a few entries that caught my eye at the 2008 North Show. I like the Crab best.

2009 West Show - Carmen Miranda Monkey. I took a few photos at this show for ideas. We live in the incorrect parish to enter this show.

2009 West Show - Cinderella's Carriage was fabulous; it should have placed.

2009 North Show - I loved the fish tank and was surprised that they didn't receive a prize. They used corn kernels for the rocks in the bottom of the tank.

2009 North Show - Owl

2011 North Show - Hatching Chick

2011 North Show  - Fruit Bat; I wised-up during this show and took a photo of the winning entries for each age group to see what the judges were looking for; for future reference.

2011 North Show - Lobster

2011 North Show - Owl

2011 North Show - Puppy

2010 North Show - B2's long-haired Unicorn.

2010 North Show - B3's Giraffe.

2010 North Show - B1's Tiger, complete with stripes.

Now at least I have all the inspirational photos in one place so the Bumble Bee'rs can peruse at leisure and hopefully get ideas of their own for individual and original animals.

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  1. All those animals are great!
    Sometimes the judges look to see if it looks like the parents have put any imput, they look to see if it looks like a child has done the whole thing.
    Julie xxxxxxx