Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guernsey's Candie Gardens

Guernsey does not have a botanical gardens as such but it does have the Candie Gardens. This public park is situated in the St Peter Port and includes the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery and the Priaulx Library within its grounds.

The Priaulx Library is situated within Candie House; the gardens are its namesake (sorry I forgot to take a picture).

The gardens are clothed in their spring finery at the moment. My Dad said he had not seen such a lovely spring display in a very long time.

Every year we purchase a  Heritage Season ticket. Bumble Bee Cottage hosts many visitors each year so the pass more than pays for itself at £38.00 for a family as we inevitably visit at least one museum with visitors. This price covers the entry fee to nine museums spread across Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney.

The gardens are a five minute walk from the St Peter Port High Street.

The tulips were truly spectacular. They are protected from the wind by the walls which surround the lower level of the garden.

There are some wonderful displays of tulips in St Peter Port proper at this time of year; unfortunately many have been de-petalled by the sea breezes (these tulips are in Candie Gardens).

This is the view from halfway up the top level of the garden, looking towards the museum.

This is Cafe Victoria. Mr Bee walked up from town and met us for lunch. The food was very nice; basically good quality cafe fare at a reasonable price.

One of Guernsey's most famous residents presides over the gardens.

It will take approximately one hour to amble around the gardens and then you could easily spend another two hours in the Museum and Art Gallery if you go at a leisurely pace. It is a lovely way to spend a few hours and the gardens afford a fabulous view over St Peter Port.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! What a stunning garden. Thanks for taking me around the place on a virtual walk. :)