Friday, April 13, 2012

Climate Change - James Hansen

Through my interest in Peak Oil, self-sufficiency and leaving the planet in a habitable state for my children I have also been looking into climate change.

The first recollections I have of taking an interest in environmental issues was in Brisbane, where I grew up, in the 1980s. There was a BIG environmental furior in Australia about the CFCs in fridges and freezers and the damage they were doing to the ozone layer. This was a major issue in Australia as the largest hole in the ozone layer was directly above Tasmania; nothing like something happening in your own backyard to spark a reaction. This issue whipped consumers into a frenzy and pressure was brought to bear on the manufacturers to change their method of production. For more information on this topic visit Green Choices for information about makes of fridges and freezers and stockists of the best environmentally friendly choices.

Climate Change is a far bigger issue than CFCs (not to diminish the importance of the issue of the depletion of the ozone layer) as it encompasses all of the environment, not just one aspect, yet the majority of the general public seems not to be paying attention. I personally believe this is because it seems too scary, too big, too pervasive. The more I read the more complex climate change and its environmental impact seems. It would be very easy to squeeze my eyes shut tight, stick my fingers in my ears and bury my head in the sand, just to be extra sure I can never ever have to think about it all again.

Rather than totally freaking out and scaring myself to a stand still I try to make the changes I can within my own household. Collectively enough individual, small changes will make a difference.

This speech by James Hansen is informative and more importantly, to the point. It is well worth watching.

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