Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Bird's Breakfast

This is just another of nature's cues that Summer is on the way. The baby Starlings are venturing out of the nest with their Mum and Dad.

I was watching and photographing them through the conservatory window so please excuse the hazy appearance of the photos but the windows need a good wash to get rid of their salt spray coating.

The Mother bird was trying her hardest to show her babies how to forage for themselves but all they were interested in doing was following her around, mouths open, whinging for food. One of them actually gave her a peck on the back when breakfast was not provided swiftly enough.

Our vegetable garden is coming along nicely. The broad beans, peas and Autumn brussel sprouts have been a great success. We still had one bed to plant out so we have chosen some rainbow radishes (I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out) which will be ready for harvesting in 28 days and some broccoli. After the blight which decimated our tomatoes last year we have decided to give them a miss this year; anyway the hedge vege will supply us with gorgeous Guernsey tomatoes all Summer.

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