Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wisteria, Cows and Buttercups

On Sunday afternoon, after a morning of painting and gardening, Mr Bee suggested a drive - he didn't need to ask me twice although there was a great deal of moaning from the peanut gallery so the dreaded DS accompanied us. The moaning stopped until the battery ran flat. I really must remember to charge them in the morning on the weekend, it makes for a much more peaceful drive.

I love the Guernsey cows, they have the sweetest faces. If you squint, hold your head on the side and close one eye one of the spots on this cow sort of looks like a map of Guernsey....sort of. Come on now people, humour me here!

Apparently while I was out of the car taking this photo Daddy was being grilled by B2 about the different between testicles and udders on these two fine animals. I missed hearing the answer, mores the pity :)

This breathtaking home is in the Kings Mill area of Guernsey. Kings Mill is not a parish, probably more a locality. I have been waiting for a few weeks to see all the wisteria in full bloom. We would like to do something similar to the front of our house but with roses instead.

I had to take one more photo of a cow. We found this one in this gorgeous field of buttercups; it is just so very chocolate box I had to include it.

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