Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to create lasting childhood memories that scar.

Mr Bee was enjoying quiet ale the other evening and he asked the kids did they want to know how to turn the beer can into a duck caller. ‘Yes’ was the unanimous reply.

He flips up the ring pull and says ‘Calling all Ducks. Calling all Ducks,’ into it.

B3 then grabs the can and blows into it and manages to create a sound reminiscent of a musician playing a jug in a jug band. B2 takes the can but, despite all her best efforts, is unable to make the noise.

Mr Bee came to tell me that he had created a lifelong family memory which will be told and retold throughout the generations.

‘When I was a child all I was given to play with was a beer can!’

Well I suppose it is better than ‘Walking ten miles to school through the snow and ice sucking on the rind of the orange you were given for Christmas.’ Hey Dad!

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