Sunday, May 31, 2009


What a gorgeous weekend! I took these snaps as we drove from the Sausmarez Markets in the south of the Island to dance classes in the north of the Island on Saturday morning.

There were people everywhere; as we drove through St Peter Port and past the bus terminus I was amazed to see huge cues waiting for the next bus to arrive.

Then in the distance I saw these two beauties and all became clear.

The tourist season is upon us; there are cars with large, bright yellow 'H's everywhere you look. In Guernsey all the hire cars sport the yellow 'H' of WARNING.
This is to let locals (or those of us who are not local but now understand the Guern road rules) know to give these cars plenty of space; let them go first through the filter in turn even when it is not their 'turn', get over as far as you can as they may not know to mount the footpath to allow two cars to pass each other in the narrow roads. Basically wave them through not matter what they are doing!
Well the two boat loads of cruise passengers could not have asked for more perfect weather. The sun was shining, it was about 19*C and there was a light breeze; just fabulous.

Guernsey welcomes between 75 to 100 cruise liners per year. More cruise ships actually stop in Guernsey than any other port in the British Isles. Yeah for Guernsey, you little tourist metropolis you.

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  1. Guernsey is a little gem of an Island - no wonder the boats all stop there. We took our own car when we stayed there, but we got used to the driving "ways". We loved the very civil "take it in turns" approach. xxx