Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Here is one of Bumble Bee Cottages recent birthday cakes. It is another Australian Women's Weekly designs which I altered to requested birthday colours. Many of the lollies/sweets listed in the AWW are not available in Guernsey so I had to improvise. I think I would be worried if I saw an octopus with this grin coming at me. I couldn't get killer pythons for the legs so these green juby things had to do. I am sure they have a proper name but I am not up with all the Guernsey sweets.

We have a family dinner for the person celebrating their birthday where they get to request their favourite meal. B1 requested roast pork and chocolate cake, which he decorated himself. I think he did a wonderful job!


  1. Surprisingly...I don't think I would be worried with that looks so cute and looks like it needs a hug:) I love its color...nice cakes.

  2. Now you are making me SMILE with that cute octopus. He looks so happy. I loved yesterdays cupcakes which you deserve to eat after your walk for charity. I love to play with flour and I could bake all day if I had the time. Good job.