Tuesday, May 26, 2009

'Your son is a true Guern!'

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! (I just felt I should clarify that this photo is courtesy of B1's photographic adventures with my camera and not actually my mouth.)

While watching a repeat of Britain’s Got Talent the kids saw the performer ‘Darth Jackson’.

Mr Bee, witty as ever, said ‘No you don’t want to watch this. What you want to watch is Chad Vader, Darth’s younger brother.’

To which B1 replied ‘Huh?’

Mr Bee ‘You know he runs as Supermarket.’ (please refer to a strange individual from Youtube) Youtube references from Mr Bee do pose the question 'How does he spend his day at work?'

B1 answered ‘Is it?’

OMG!! This is a Guern expression which some Guerns put at the end of their sentences that would replace the word ‘Really?’ in Australia.

We have only been here 22 months. It has made me wonder if they even truly remember Australia.

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